Can I Lay Vinyl Over Laminate Flooring?


Can I Lay Vinyl Over Laminate Flooring?

A common question that gets asked on home forums and by private retail is can I lay vinyl over laminate flooring.

Vinyl plank flooring is flexible in nature and it is recommended that vinyl flooring should only go over a solid, well-adhered substrate that is smooth. Working with an underlay that is uneven or moves slightly will reduce the lifespan of the floor. Ideally, you should remove the laminate and put the vinyl plank flooring on top of the original subfloor surface.

Why Should You Not Put Vinyl Flooring Over Laminate?

If the existing floor is laminate flooring and it is a little old it will most like be uneven. This will especially be the case in high foot traffic areas such as door and hallways. Putting vinyl planks over an uneven surface will mean this will telegraph through and you’ll end up with an unprofessional, uneven look.

Easy Steps To Remove Laminate Flooring

Your best if you want to use our premium Metwest Building Supplies vinyl flooring it is recommended you remove the laminate flooring underneath. Technically, removing laminate flooring should be quite easy as there should be some form of underlay. However, if the flooring is quite old or any adhesive that might have been used has run down through the bottom, not unusual in our Perth heat, here are four easy steps to remove glued laminates:

  1. With a utility knife or boxcutter run down between each plank to separate any glue or adhesive
  2. Take off skirting boards and attempt to pull up the planks using any of the exposed underlay
  3. If you have access to the side of the plank use a mallet and chisel to peel up the planks
  4. Done!

In the worst case scenario you might wish to use a heat gun to melt some of the adhesive, but let’s hope you don’t have to get to that point.

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