The Right Shade for Your Space

The right shade for your space

Whether it be for a commercial or residential setting, flooring is one of the largest architectural elements in a space. Your floors will cover the largest surface area and therefore have a huge impact on the appearance and aesthetic of your room designs.

Your colour selection is one of the most important decisions and in today’s market, with so many shades, tones, and variations within vinyl planks this once “simple” decision can now feel very overwhelming and rather daunting.

Table of Contents

Tip #1 – Size

Tip #2 – Effect

Tip #3 – Light

Below are few helpful LuxLay tips to take into consideration when choosing the right shade for your space. Remember your floor is more than just something you walk on, it is the foundation of your design and must compliment and add to all other details within your space.

Tip #1 – SIZE

No matter the size of your room the shade you choose will have a strong impact on how a room feels. In a small space, your colour selection can visually make your room look and feel bigger and for a larger space, it can create a warmer atmosphere and visually make the space look wider.

Tip #2 – EFFECT

Light neutral tones such as pale blonde, soft cream and bright oaks provide a neutral palette that can give your space a calm, open feel. Allowing the room to feel much lighter and brighter, to achieve this effect we recommend our Alpine Oak or Victorian Oak LuxLay Vinyl Planks.

Light to dark shades of grey have become increasingly popular in recent years. These very versatile shades can be both soothing and sophisticated, easily adapting to any colour palette. Creating a stylish, peaceful space with a truly timeless appeal. To achieve this effect we recommend our Hickory Grey or Mapleton Oak LuxLay Vinyl Planks.

Earthy tones such as light blonde, deep chocolate or rich reds give a space a real warmth that adds character and depth to your design. These ever classic yet contemporary shades can be a very subtle or bold design choice. To achieve this effect we recommend our Marri or Spotted Gum LuxLay Vinyl Planks.

Dark tones such as charcoal, deep ebony or darkened ash create a powerful and luxurious atmosphere. A dramatic statement that contrasts well with bright pops of colour. For this effect, we recommend our Ebony Ash or Iron Bark LuxLay Vinyl Planks.

Tip#3 – LIGHT

Lighting has a huge effect and should always be taken into account when making your final colour selection. Natural light and artificial light can give entirely different impressions and although a shade may look great during the day, once the natural light has disappeared that same great shade can have a very different effect on your space. We encourage you to get as many samples as possible and set them down in each room at different times of the day (sunrise, early afternoon, sunset etc) allowing you to see which shade works best in all rooms, with all variations of light.

Your flooring selection is a personal preference more than anything but always remember to think of the bigger picture. Make sure the shade you choose matches the broader style and feel you want to give to your interior. Keep in mind your paint colour choices and furnishings within each space.

Our team at LuxLay Vinyl Planks will do everything they can to help you through this lengthy but very worthwhile process and allow you to find the shade that matches your space perfectly!