What is better than a wooden slat fence?

Investigating alternatives to timber slat fences.

Whether you’re building a new home or upgrading an old fence, in the past wooden slat fencing has been a fairly popular option for Perth homes.


But in today’s modern world, it’s worth reviewing alternative options to see if there is something better than the age tested treated pine timber slat fence.


Modern production methods have opened up a large variety of alternatives to the fencing market. This is causing a real shift in the number of timber fences Perth is installing.


Fence slats previously made out of wood are being exchanged for alternative materials.


People nowadays are often preferring more robust alternatives like aluminium slat fencing, and for good reasons. The positive points of aluminium fence slats greatly outweigh the use of old wooden fence slats.


And when it comes to front fences, appearance is usually high on the priority list and wooden slat fences are dramatically dropping in popularity.


Wooden fence slats vs aluminium fence slats.


With wooden fence slats you’re always going to have imperfections. Wood is a natural material with minimal refinement. Depending on how the tree has grown will change whether or not the planks of the fence will have knots, uneven edges or even breaks.


With an aluminium slat fence the product is refined and then precision made which means that the end product will have a high-quality finish. When that is then coupled with quality powder coating you receive a fence with a highly durable, fantastic looking finish.


However if a wood finish is something you’d like to add to your aesthetic then Metwest Building Supplies have you covered on that front as well. You can receive the quality and precision of aluminium slats with an attractive Red Cedar finish. Wood finishes offer an equally high level of durability as a straight powder coated finish. The Red Cedar slats can be used in combination with the rest of the colour selection to offer some great contrasts to your front privacy fence.


When choosing a wooden slat fence, you’d usually be left with options of a paling fence or pine lap fence. If it’s a front fence you might choose a picket fence or screen fencing. A lot of metro councils however have started to have restrictions on the amount of visibility that is required through a front fencing, if you’re looking to court off your front area.


Wood fencing doesn’t present the best when being used to meet these criteria. To achieve the highest level of privacy for your family aluminium screen fencing allows for a great external look whilst keeping to council restrictions.


Wooden horizontal slats compared to aluminium, come with a high level of upkeep when compared to an aluminium slat fence. A wood fence needs to be painted or oiled every so often, otherwise its life expectancy would be dramatically less. Depending on the type of wood it was made with it may even need to be pest treated after some time.


Being a raw product wood may have unseen internal defects that may cause warping, sagging or splitting. On top of that fasteners that are used may work their way out causing sections to come loose.


Aluminium fencing escapes these larger ongoing maintenance needs. With a durable powder coated finish aluminium fences are designed to withstand even the harshest conditions year after year.


Solid rigid constructions mean less flex and vibration of materials which means less issues with component breakdown or deformation.


If you are installing the fencing yourself, installation couldn’t be easier. With everything cut to perfect lengths. A simple screw or rivet construction, an aluminium slat fence can be put together with the most basic of tools.


However, to guarantee the best quality finish it’s always recommended that the installation be done by a professional fencing contractor. When coupled with the ease of installation labour costs to have a professional install an aluminium fence are lower than having a timber slat fence installed.


Whilst historically wood slat fences were very popular, this was usually driven by costs for alternatives making them not a viable option. Material and production costs of aluminium slats would previously have been fairly cost prohibitive for most households.


However modern improvements to materials, manufacturing practices and techniques however has helped move aluminium fencing materials into a highly competitive price point.

Because of this more people are seeking to install aluminium fences and privacy screens. In addition to reduced initial costs of supply and installation.


The reduced ongoing maintenance makes long term costs for aluminium fences less too.

Not convinced yet?

If you’re still having trouble deciding or feel like you need more information. Feel free to pop into our showroom in Booragoon. We have a wide range of aluminium slat styles and colours to choose from, and our friendly staff can help you pick an option that will give you the best security for your family, or commercial build, whilst also offering no reduction in quality or style.

Is your Perth builder using Metwest Building Supplies aluminium slat fencing?

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