Why You Should Choose Aluminium Screen Fencing

Aluminium screens and slats have become very popular across this expansive country of ours. They are secure, privacy enhancing, wonderfully durable, and look great out front of any home. They are a great fencing option that adds style and practicality but won’t break the family budget. Let’s find out more about why you should choose aluminium screen fencing for your home.



All Australians want privacy for themselves and their families. This is especially true in the home where you don’t want neighbours, passer-by’s and unwanted loiterers, peering into places on your property you’d like to be kept private. Installing an aluminium screen fence offers superb privacy advantages, preventing nosey on-lookers from easily glaring at what lies on the other side, whilst not making you and your family feel walled off from the outside world. This wonderful fencing option will allow you to garden, entertain, exercise and relax without the entire street being a part of it, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors in peace.



Keeping your family safe and secure is at the top of any Australian’s priorities, and feeling protected in your home shouldn’t come at a premium. Aluminium screens can vastly improve the security of your property and help deter any form of trespasser. This type of fencing allows for you to choose the height and gaps between slats to your specifications and budget, whilst aiding in keeping your premises secure, at a cost that is significantly less than alternatives and no less effective in protecting your property. Request a custom tailored quote today to see if we can suit your security needs!



It’s undeniable that choosing aluminium screens and slats will give any home a highly attractive solution to their fencing requirements. They look great on  contemporary homes and add a fresh style to traditional styled properties with less modern lines. With stylish designs such as powercoated aluminium, and red cedar aluminium, your home is guaranteed to get an aesthetically spectacular update to its façade with bucket loads of added street appeal to suit your desires.



Aluminium has the advantage of being incredibly durable and low-maintenance. Wooden slats require constant maintenance to keep them looking fresh and prevent them from rotting away, warping, shrinking, and doing all sorts of other unwanted things. Aluminium screens provide a wonderful alternative that will make your life a whole lot easier, negating the need for constant varnishing, re-painting and chemical treatment as seen with wooden fences, with has no risk of rust like steel has. At Metwest Building Supplies we offer a complimentary 7-year structural warranty, proving how much we trust in our product and aluminium fencing in general, we don’t think you’ll ever need it!



Finally, it’s time to talk price. Every family is constantly trying to get the most value out of their Aussie dollar as budgets are stretched and stretched. All families can agree however, that privacy, security, durability and to a lesser extent aesthetics are a necessity, at whatever price. So, it’s totally win-win that aluminium fencing provides all those fundamentals for a price that is substantially less than other alternatives such as wooden or brick fences, offering the same and sometimes more advantages for your home and family! Aluminium fencing is a lifetime investment that will soundly hold up the value of your home for many years to come, stretching your dollar to the limits.


Why You Should Choose Aluminium Screen Fencing

Every Australian can reap the benefits of aluminium screen fencing. Whether you want great street appeal, effective security for you and your family, or terrific value for money, aluminium screen fences have you covered. With a great range of choices, and over a decade of expertise, Metwest Building Supplies can provide for your fencing needs. Contact us today or visit our convenient Booragoon showroom to experience the professionalism and expertise of our great staff.

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