4 Reasons Why Vinyl Flooring Is Great For Your Home

Everyone is interested in value for money products which are worth their price in reliability, style, and cost. Re-doing your floor can often be expensive, so knowing your options is vital. Modern designs and adaptable layouts are reasons why why vinyl flooring is great for your home. With a huge range of options and styles, all at an affordable cost, this dynamic flooring reflects stunning value. Here are 4 reasons why it is perfect for your home:


Value for Money

It was not long ago that vinyl flooring was seen as a cheap although durable material, used on a budget. Gone are the days when it meant checkerboard kitchen floors. Today’s luxury vinyl floor planks and tiles emanate elegance and class at the fraction of the cost of hardwood and laminate options.

Vinyl flooring is water and stain-resistant, versatile and durable, as well as excellent value for money, becoming a major trend-setter in modern design. Fresh, fashionable, technologically advanced and amazingly adaptable, luxury vinyl flooring provides the best protection and look for your home, whilst remaining cost effective, mimicking natural floor materials to an often-indistinguishable level. This amazing flooring material dampens loud stepping sounds heard on hardwood and tile flooring and provides superior under-foot comfort. It is excellent for putting your washing machine, dryer and dishwasher on, insulating from vibration and sound for optimal comfort in your home.

Take all this into account and it’s easy to see why luxury vinyl flooring emanates pizazz as well as practicality. Let’s find out more reasons why it is the perfect floor choice for you!

Moisture Resistant

While floorboards, carpet and concrete flooring absorb moisture, and laminate flooring will warp and be ruined under standing liquid, vinyl planks are completely waterproof and can be used anywhere inside your home without risk of deterioration from moisture.

Bathrooms, kitchens, and other regularly wet areas are the perfect places to update with vinyl planks to ensure longevity and convenience, and now can look just as good as far more expensive options. Don’t worry about unwanted spillages ruining your stylish new floors, thanks to polyvinyl chloride’s inherent water resisting chemistry, luxury vinyl flooring can withstand even the biggest cooking and cleaning cataclysms.


Are you worried that kids, pets, and even some adults will ruin your floors with spillages, ‘MasterChef’ disasters and middle of the night antics? Rest assured, vinyl flooring is known to be incredibly durable and can last many years.

This is thanks to its complex polyvinyl chemical composition, and UV-cured urethane coating, which can prevent dents, scratches, and stains common to floors without the proven durability of vinyl. Vinyl flooring is resilient and hard-wearing, making it the optimal choice for covering high traffic areas in your home.

Your family, children, pets, and their friends are no match for luxury vinyl flooring, which isn’t easily damaged by banging toys, or heavy items that can be dropped accidentally. If you know that there will be a lot of movement in your home, toys, pets, dirty shoes and unwanted trouble, luxury vinyl flooring provides the perfect style and robustness for you, equal to the task of withstanding assault, deterioration, and style critics alike. This is one of the key benefits for choosing luxury vinyl flooring in your home.

Easy Maintenance

With vinyl floorings ability to have large quantities of liquid on it, it’s stain, dent, scuff and scratch resistant coating, cleaning and maintaining its elegant look becomes simple. Wiping grime and mess away requires little effort.

Dissimilar to hardwood, the finish on your floors will not deteriorate or peel, and unlike tile floorings, mould and bacteria will not grow within the grout. Vinyl flooring is water proof, so can be mopped regularly without the fear of warping as seen in laminate flooring.

Vinyl is also known for its hygienic properties, as its lack of pours in the material, prevent germs and dirt building up. Detergents and disinfectants won’t damage the great finish of your vinyl floor. These sanitary properties will provide comfort to those with the most stringent sterilized requirements. Vinyl floors are even recommended for asthma and allergy sufferers, as it doesn’t harbour dust or particles, seen in carpet and some timbers. It is one of the simplest floors to maintain, with no pay-off in texture, elegance, or cost!


Vinyl Flooring Is Great For Your Home!

A variety of desirable characteristics continues to make this versatile flooring material a popular option to this day. There are a variety of advantages that come with installing vinyl flooring in your home. These are the same tried and true characteristics that have been touted since the 1950s by vinyl flooring retailers and suppliers. Only now, with more choice than ever and luxury vinyl plank and tile options reflecting class and elegance, can your home have stunning looking floors, as well as the proven durability seen in vinyl flooring for decades. At Metwest Building Supplies, we offer a unique range of vinyl planks to suit any space, including stunning options like Ash Oak, Ghost Gum, and Weathered Blackbutt LuxLay Planks. Check out our great range at our Booragoon showroom, and experience professional customer service, while getting to touch and feel our range of building supplies materials right here in Perth.

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